What Is The Difference Between Kratom And Kava?
25 Oct 2022 | by Admin

Both of these botanicals, kratom and kava are often used as plant-based supplements in the regional culture to attain a variety of desired effects. While the two plants resemble one another in many ways, including many of the effects and advantages that the locals have confirmed. Although both of them have different features and active components, which we will underline in the following write-up.

So, let’s begin the discussion with –


What Is Kratom?

A botanical harvest from Mitragyna Speciose, kratom is a plant that belongs to the family of coffee plants. Southeast Asia is a native home of this tropical tree. The herb derived from the plant’s leaves has been used by locals, particularly in rural communities, for hundreds of years in areas where kratom is a natural plant. Its traditional applications include making it into tea for drinking in social and recreational settings, using it in some religious ceremonies, and fighting fatigue.

Despite being a relatively new plant to users outside of the area where it is natively grown, kratom has swiftly gained acceptance as a botanical, and study about its potential uses or advantages is ongoing. Also, the leaves of kratom produce multiple active components, which include 7-hydroxymitragynine and alkaloids mitragynine.

The following are the major advantages of using kratom –

  • To boost energy,
  • To relieve physical uneasiness,
  • To boost libido,
  • To support a relaxed mentality,
  • To eliminate un-comforts;


Just like the benefits, kratom also involves unwanted side effects, which are as follows –

  • Constipation
  • Digestive Discomfort/ Stomach Upset
  • Several Withdrawal Symptoms (like Anxiety, Insomnia, Irritability & Depression)

Although there’s still no satisfactory research to indicate whether kratom has addictive potential or not.


What Is Kava?

A botanical harvest from Piper Methysticum, kava is a species of the nightshade family. This plant is inherent from Western Pacific Islands, like Polynesia, Micronesia & Melanesia. Its root plays an important cultural role in traditional medicine for relaxation, spiritual practices, and to prescriptively mark significant life events. Similar to kratom, many positive effects are attributed to kava by traditional and local users. Although contemporary medical research is yet to verify such claims and approve their use to cure any condition.

Till date, there isn’t enough information to confirm the active potential of kava and exactly state what it can or cannot do for humans. Research has been focused to explore some common effects of kava, which include –

  • To relieve anxiety,
  • To help get rid of physical discomforts,
  • To promote calmness;

A complete range of safety concerns related to kava needs more clinical research, although major studies conclude a severe risk of liver damage from taking kava. Also, the exact reasons for such risk aren’t yet understood clearly, and extra risks or side-effects associated with the use of kava are –

  • Several dermatologic symptoms and skin rashes,
  • Adverse effects on cognition;

That’s true! Both of botanicals (kratom and kava) have to offer very similar preparation and consumption. They’re commonly sold as capsules and powder in the market and even available in the purest state as roots or a whole leave. Regardless of the fact that both botanicals are used as supplements, still, there’re disagreements about the production, usage, and sales of kratom and kava.

Application of kratom and kava is rapidly increasing amongst regional cultures as well as outside users, and neither of the plants is undergoing rigorous study or clinical trials to determine their full therapeutic potential or side effects associated with their use. In case you are still not sure about its medical potential, make sure to consult an expert ahead of taking the kratom/ kava dosage for benefits.

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