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19 Sep 2022 | by Admin

The Kratom plant offers amazing promise for anyone seeking natural life enhancement. It is actually astounding how many different ways a single plant may be altered to provide several strains with various, advantageous effects for the consumer.

The leaves of the Kratom tree, which have the highest concentration of the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, have been gathered for more than 200 years. These organic substances coexist with more than a dozen other alkaloids to produce the potent effects for which Kratom is renowned.

Enter the blends

Most Kratom users begin by using strains that fall into one of the three main color categories: Red Vein, Green Vein, or White Vein. These classifications exist to aid the user in determining which varieties of Kratom are most effective for them. It’s typical to venture into a completely different category of Kratom as the trip with it goes on: Blends. Kratom Blends are carefully chosen Kratom strains that are prepared with very precise ratios to produce a distinctive Kratom experience.

Making Kratom blends

It may be tempting to think, “Why couldn’t I just blend Kratom myself?”, and you certainly can do that! It’s common practice to combine a Red and a White and test out various ratios to get the perfect balance for you.

  1. Finding the ideal ratios. Not every combination of distinct Kratom strains yields a potent concoction that has the intended effects. In actuality, the results of the vast majority of blending trials we’ve conducted over the previous five years have been below par. Only the functioning ones have been saved!
  2. Maintaining strict adherence to cleanliness and safety protocols. When combining Kratom at home using various mixing techniques, it might be challenging to prevent the entry of dangerous contaminants like mold or pathogens without the proper tools and processes.

While it is possible to mix your own Kratom, we handle the laborious work for you (safely!) and give you access to a wide range of custom blends whose potency, purity, and consistency of effect you can rely on.

What are Kratom blends?

Individual Kratom strains can produce potent, discernible effects on their own for the majority of people. Additionally, each color category comes with its own set of advantages. For instance, White Vein Kratom is best used in the morning, whereas Red Vein Kratom is often helpful for relaxing at the conclusion of a hard day.

Any time several Kratom strains are combined in a specific order, the result is referred to as a “blend”. However, not every blend is created equally!

Benefits of kratom blends

Blends can be used alone or as an addition to an existing Kratom regimen. When and how to use a Kratom blend are not “hard-and-fast” rules. To find the ones that are most effective for you, we advise testing with a variety of strains and mixtures.

Improved well-being

When mixing Kratom strains, a lot of users say they feel more relaxed overall. Additionally, the effects may linger for up to six hours.

Better outlook on life

A potent Kratom combination can encourage a noticeable and positive change in state of mind, frequently resulting in a more optimistic attitude.

Feelings of comfort and ease

Kratom blends can be the ideal supplement to your end-of-day routine, particularly when using Red Vein-heavy blends like Red Horn and Above the Waves.

Choose stand-alone Kratom strains and Specialty Blends in combination as part of a rotation plan to get more Kratom per serving. We believe that you will benefit most from switching up the strains you consume so that your body is constantly exposed to a fresh and unique alkaloid profile.

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